Jun 10, 2015

How to fix msvcp90.dll missing or not found error

The file-msvcp90.dll remains associated with Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 which has been developed by Canonical Ltd. This is solely intended for the Windows Operating System. The version which is presently in use is 9.00.21022.8 and carries a popularity rating of 1 Stars. The security rating which you can relate along with this dossier is "UNKNOWN".

What are the different troubleshooting steps?

Use a Registry Cleaner

Most of the "msvcp90.dll is missing from your computer" type of location error messages creeps up on the screen of your PC loaded with windows 7 OS due to invalid registries. A registry cleaner similar to DLL Suite can indeed prove to be really helpful in eliminating all those invalid and corrupt entries within the registries. This tool has assumed immense popularity among the gamut of all customers and this can be attributed to the verity that it carries out a thorough scanning of your PC for determining deleted, removed and missing files; if any. After the same has been done, it shall proceed with the process of downloading it to its default location.

Apply the System Restore Option

Often, the best way of troubleshooting is to undo the recent system changes which have already been done. With the help of the Windows System Restore option, you shall be able to resolve the issues which usually creep-up. In fact, a similar feature allows you to "rollback" your computer to a state when everything was working in an absolutely fine condition.

Update the PC Drivers

The msvcp90.dll errors concerning python and kies happen mostly due to outdated or corrupt device drivers. It has been found that the device drivers work on one particular day and stop doing the same the next day itself. The encouraging aspect remains that there always remains the provision of rectifying the errors by simply updating the device drivers.

Since the time complexity involved in an identical task is immense, it is suggested that you consider investing in a driver update tool.

Execute the SFC Command

SFC/Scannow can be considered to be an essential feature which lets you to check the essential Windows files. If anything wrong is detected, an attempt is made, in order, to rectify the problems. Such an approach shall let you to rectify issues concerning the msvcp90.dll file while using py2exe. This is basically a Python Distutils extension which lets you convert the Python script into executable Windows programs.

Carry out a Malware Scan

There remains a fair extent of possibility that the issues might be created as a result of malware infection on your computer. Presence of malicious intruders is never recommended as these can corrupt, damage or delete the Dynamic Link Library related files. Further, you need to stay abreast regarding the aspect that the issues which you are facing might be related to a particular component of the malicious program itself.

Holding a clear insight regarding the causes shall help you in carrying out the troubleshooting steps. Some of the obvious reasons are Canonical Ltd. Hardware failure, corrupt registry and overwrite of the required edition of the dossier.

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