Jun 10, 2015

How to fix msvcm90.dll missing or not found error

The msvcm90.dll, msvcr90.dll is a dynamic link library associated with the Windows 7, Windows 8 operating system. Rampant use of the computer with the installed OS can cause issues related to the file. Whenever error occurs then certain exceptions like faulting module, dvdfab, and file is missing in excel are thrown. Understanding the exception is the key to resolving issues related to the file.

Error resolving steps

There are certain steps that require to be used to get rid of the errors like msvcr90.dll is missing from your computer, file crash.

How to tackle the missing file issue?

If the issue is about missing file, then users need to check the recycle bin, search for the missing file. If it is present there, then the user can restore the file to its original location. In case the file is not there then the computer user can check online for the file. He can go to any Microsoft accredited website, and download the file from there. He can then replace the missing file with the downloaded version.

Uninstall applications having compatibility issues

Certain applications can be detrimental to the operating system, mainly because of compatibility issues. These software applications can remove the dll file from the PC system.

Clean registry editor regularly

The system registry is a component of the operating system that contains entries related to the PC configurations. If the entries are tampered with then the PC gets corrupted. Invalid entries in the system are mainly because of malware attack. It is important to clean such entries using the appropriate registry cleaner. This leads to the repair of the software. The DLL Suite is an important tool in this regard that if used enhances the system speed and performance.

Use antimalware software if required

The virus programs are harmful for PC health. They corrupt the file system of the computer. It becomes necessary to get rid of these programs to ensure safety, security of the computer. Antimalware software program is installed and run on a periodic basis to flush out harmful Trojans, quarantine virus and resolve PC issues.

Replace defective hardware for better system performance

Hardware is an important part of the PC system. Its corruption leads to inability of the computer OS to read the msvcr90.dll. Therefore, the hardware issues need to be resolved to ensure proper functioning of the system. Faulty hardware parts need to be identified, they need to be replaced.

Other simple steps to resolve errors related to the file

The PC can contain infected files. It is important to remove them. The sfc /scannow command helps to identify the infected, corrupt files and then remove them from the PC system.

The presence of junk files in the personal computer greatly diminishes the speed of the system. Using the cleanmgr tool, it becomes easy to remove such files from the system.

The Windows updates contain important files. Installing the updates is a smart way to address the issue related to missing files.

Whenever there is an unwanted alteration in the operating system software then the Windows system restore tool can help to reinstate the system software to its original configuration.

There are other methods of resolving issues related to the msvcr90.dll file. Understanding, analysing the error message helps in adopting the best strategy for solving the errors.

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