Jun 10, 2015

How to fix mss32.dll missing or not found error

Does the question relating to mss32.dll what is it really confuse you? Well, if that is the case, this discussion shall be able to clear all your confusions and you would be able to learn regarding the troubleshooting steps which need to be followed. This is primarily a Dynamic Link Library file which is used by Winamp and all multimedia applications. It finds use in different games to assist in the process of playing advanced sound options.

What are the different ways of fixing the pertinent issues?

Replace the corrupted version

Most of the mss32.dll missing cod4 errors occur in your computer loaded with windows 8.1 OS due to corrupted version of the dossier. This is when you are supposed to find out the right ways of finding a legitimate edition of the dossier. It is recommended to stay away from the "DLL Download" sites and the singular reason behind the same is that the files remain bundled with viruses and other forms of malicious files.

Restore the dossier from the Recycle Bin

Sometimes, it happens that kotor 2 refuses to work in the expected manner on all grounds. In order to fix the errors, it is imperative that you replace the mis-deleted version of the file. In case, you believe that the dossier has been emptied from the Recycle Bin, it is important to make use of a free file recovery program.

Essential Point to Note- Remember, the approach as mentioned above, is a smart thought only if you are confident that the file which has been deleted used to work in an apt manner prior to when the same incident took place.

Install the Available Windows Updates

In most of the situations, mss32.dll related errors happen while making an effort to play games such as cs go (Counter-Strike Global Offensive), everquest and maplestory. There are many patches and service packs which are released on an occasional basis. In fact, there remains a fair degree of possibility that the above-mentioned Dynamic Link Library is included in one of those updates.

Test the hard-drive and memory

One of the best available approaches which you can definitely follow is to carry out a test on the hard-drive and memory. In fact, these two are the most likely components to have an error.

Causes of the issues

The issues might creep up due to the improper shutting down of your PC and a virus infection as well. Some of the other most likely reasons can be enumerated as below:

*Disney/Pixar hardware fault
*Malware/Virus infection
*Corrupt registry entry
*Overwrite of the required edition of the dossier

Since the abovementioned Dynamic Link Library file is an external one, there remains a fair extent of opportunity for something undesirable to take place.

Repair Invalid Registry Entries

In case, you are not technically equipped, it makes right sense that you consider investing in a product such as DLL Suite. With this tool, you would be able to detect all sorts of pertinent issues with a single click. Lastly, its ability to work with both the 32-bit and 64-bit OS qualifies it as an automatic choice.

Click on the button below to download mss32.dll error repair tool - Max Utilities.

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