Jun 10, 2015

How to fix atl80.dll missing or not found error

Atl80.dll belongs to Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 and a part of Microsoft Corporation Non-system Process that originates from the software you have loaded on your system. It is a type of DLL file and related to MSDN Disc 2436.27 and has been formulated for Windows OS. The most recent edition is and the files are not very big programs.

We all know the fact that computers perform the best when they receive regular and professional maintenance. Often the installation and un-installation of software, hardware and drivers leave behind oddments in your registry, resulting in an array of unused applications, broken drivers, incomplete and vacant command space. All these issues make your computer slow and can lead to series of issues like computer freezing, programs not reacting and system crashes.

Atl80.dll issues occur when the computer is overloaded with much data, when particular system files are missing or broken. This is vital sign that your computer is facing some kind of issue and is caused by the improper maintenance of your computer.

Know the Symptoms of the Error

Some of the symptoms include program freeze, slow PC, blue screen of death, computer start up or shut down and installation errors. It is important because this tool is diagnosed to repair the errors which cause your PC to malfunction. Since most applications store data in the system registry then it is likely to suffer defragmentation which accumulates a series of invalid registry entries. This can also affect the performance of your PC so it is important to identify the causes that are responsible for system shutdowns.

Ways to Restore Back Atl80.dll File

Just make sure that the files and data are not lost so create a backup of all these. Some people also prefer going for a cloud backup service in order to secure their digital files. In this way they can access their files any time from the device. Most people are worried whether they can remove atl80.dll file? Yes, they can because they are non-system processes and do not participate in executing your operating system. Therefore scan your computer system and increase its performance.

The next thing which comes into your mind is to understand is this file CPU intensive? Running too many processes on your system can deteriorate the performance of your computer. To minimize the system load you can go for Microsoft System Utility to manually find and disable the processes that get launched at the time of start-up. So how can you fix up the issue?

First manually register the file with the help of Microsoft Registry Server, then repair the invalid registry, remove and restore the file from the Windows Recycle Bin, carry out a complete malware scan, update PC device drivers, run Windows System Restore to unwrap the recent changes. Then uninstall and reinstall the program, run SFC/ Scannow command, load all available Windows updates, execute a fresh installation of Windows.

You can also go for DLL Suite that repair and fixes all kinds of dll errors.

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