Jun 10, 2015

How to fix SSOCommon.dll missing or not found error

While using your computer do you happen to face system issue, programs acting funny or the screen freezes? Then shut down your PC and go to nearest mall to chill. Sometimes these computer issues are bugging and even the three finger tap (Control, Alt, Delete) or rebooting your system does not help.

PC Technical Issues

Yes using a PC means facing technical issues and dealing with some annoying messages. If you suspect there is a virus issue then it is possible that your system will crash or get bombarded with weird pop-ups all over your computer screen. Then you might also face an issue that Windows OS keeps crashing or does not load properly. Sometimes it might also happen that your PC screen shows distorted images then malware is a constant threat for your computer. In such situation you can clean the dust bunnies and do the hardware upgrades. What if you get ssocommon.dll errors?

What are These Errors All About?

Before getting into the error we need to understand what are these all about? It is a kind of DLL file and related to Tencent SSO Common formulated by Ibibo for Windows Operating System. The latest known version of this file is that has been made for Windows. The files are small programs and function same as executable files. It means that they can permit myriads of programs to contribute in the running of various functions.

Reasons for Error Messages

Then why do you keep on getting qq ssocommon.dll errors? This is because these files can be shared and they exist outside the periphery of the software. In fact these provide a number of gains for the software developers and the separation also creates a chance for errors to occur. You face the error when Windows cannot load properly and they happen at the time of computer start-up, beginning of a program or while trying to use a particular function. The most common error messages that appear on a Windows based computer are the file not found, dll file is missing, access violation, cannot register the file, cannot start the file because a required component is missing, the application failed to start as dll file is not found and reinstalling the application will fix the issue.

Ways to Fix up the Error

Most of ssocommon.dll 64 errors appear at the time of program installation, when the software program is running, at the start up of Windows or while the program is being shut. It can also occur during the installation of Windows Operating System. It is important to keep a track of all these error information. The reasons for these error messages are follows there can be invalid or corrupt registry entry, some kind of malware infection, ibibo hardware failure leading to bad hard drive, some program overwrote over another, some program has been maliciously or mistakenly deleted, another program uninstalled the file.

The ssocommon.dll error will appear when there is missing, corrupted or contaminated file. Therefore it is important to fix the issue and the users can copy a new file to a common DLL file to the concerned folder and reinstall the software once again. It is recommended to automatically fix the error and use registry cleaner as this is quite a helpful tool to remove all kinds of invalid registry entries.

DLL Suite is one of the best DLL file fixer and repairs all kinds of missing errors to bring back your PC in its running condition.

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