Jun 10, 2015

How to fix Lua51.dll missing or not found error

Missing files related to the operating system software create problems for the personal computer user. As an instance, the lua51.dll is a dynamic link library that adds certain functionalities to specific applications including games like desmume, ck2, eu4 installed in the computer system.

Types of error messages and their solutions

If you are a computer geek and use your PC system quite rampantly then errors related to the lua51.dll file are common. Ugly error messages are displayed. Analyzing the message is the key to resolving errors related to the file.

How to resolve the missing file error?

The most common error is that of the missing file. Whenever a file goes missing then an individual can easily configure that it has been deleted mistakenly. Also certain installed operating system applications can be rogue and this may result in file deletion error. Whatever the reasons are, missing file issue is handled by the free download and subsequent replacement of the dll file from any Microsoft certified websites.

Uninstall incompatible applications for resolving the error

As a user, you can try un-installing the installed applications that are causing hindrance in the smooth working of the file. This method is crucial, if you are desirous of having your personal computer system function properly.

Restore file from the recycle bin if required

There are instances when users create folly in comprehending the utility of the file in context. They then remove or delete the file out of their sheer ignorance about the file function. This corrupts the system software. Whenever such occurrences happen then the user needs to check the recycle bin first. If the file is moved to the bin then the user can restore the same to its original location.

Install antivirus software for maximum PC protection

There can be other reasons for missing file error. If a file is missing then it can be due to the attack of virus software. Malware can infect the PC system. It can alter the file system of the personal computer. It can remove important files like the lua51.dll file from the PC. Tackling the menace requires the user to install reputed antivirus software in the PC. Such applications are used to perform periodic scans, and to detect the presence of malware, Trojans in the PC. If there are malwares then the antivirus tool removes them from the PC.

Clean system registry using registry cleaning tool

The concerned file can be missing if the registry editor has issues in it. The registry editor is a database containing various systemic configurations. It is a part of the operating system. Because of the attack of malwares, viruses the editor gets corrupt. There are certain registry repair tools that need to be used to fix the issue. The DLL Suite is one such tool that cleans the system registry, repairs it and thereby resolves issues concerning the missing file.

Installing the Windows system updates in the PC, it is possible to address the case of missing file suitable.

There are situations when, despite the presence of the file, the PC system is unable to read the file from the computer hard disk drive. This is because of hardware defects. Checking, the hardware associated with the PC, and replacing the damaged ones is the best way to fix the problem related to lua51.dll. To make a comparative study like lua51.dll vs lua5.1.dll the user needs to do some research in the web.

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