Jun 10, 2015

How to fix Dir.dll missing or not found error

DLL is a huge library of executable data which is used by Windows applications and are important in the normal functioning of operating systems, such as Windows 7, 8, XP and Vista for both 32 bits and 64 bits. DIR DLL missing or not found errors are commonly linked to invalid registry keys resulting from virus or malware attacks, outdated or corrupt dir.dll files. The dll error can give rise to various other errors like Blue Screen error, system or program freezes and PC crashes. To determine what has caused your DLL error and to fix it quickly, please use a reliable, safe and automatic download tool, such as DLL Suite.

Common DIR.DLL Error Messages

*DLL file is missing
*DLL file was not found
*[APPLICATION NAME] has caused an error in DLL file
*DLL file failed to load at startup of [APPLICATION NAME]
*DLL faulting module indicating that some DLL file was missing.

Dir.DLL files are normally linked to 3 kinds of basic system program files, namely: .exe .sys or .drv. Dll files store data and code that can be accessed by multiple applications. This is why they are shared and they help Windows work faster. Exe are executable and very vulnerable to virus attacks. Files with .sys and .drv extension are related to device drivers and cannot work well when they have Blue screen of death (BSOD) or STOP error.

Common Causes of DIR.DLL Errors

Common DLL errors are caused when new software, such as a PC game, is installed and replaces an older dll file. For example, you will download the ServerDir.dll file when you install the PC game, WolfTeam PS to your Game folder, with path C:\Game\SoftnyxGame\WolfTeamPS\. If it is improperly installed, you may see serverdir.dll wolfteam error pop-up on your PC screen or fail to start the game.

The most common reasons for dll errors are a corrupt registry, malware infection and a faulty external hard disk or an internal hardware issue. If you are using a wireless router such as D'Link and see d'link dir 615, d'link dir 600, d'link dir 300 problem, it may be due to broken dir dll file.

Want to easily fix Dir.dll missing or not found error?

Before you download a DLL fixit tool, check that it is from a reliable website. First, detect and remove the virus by your favorite antivirus, to remove them. If this doesn't work, we suggest you try a more powerful spyware, adware, virus and malware removal tool such as Hit Malware. After this you will protect and defend your PC from the latest viruses. But you will still need a professional tool to replace and fix the dir.dll file.

Unless you are a PC professional, manually fixing PC errors can result in further errors, perhaps creating irreparable damage to your system. Most people find the manual methods complicated or laborious or time-consuming. It is also not easy to pin point exactly which of the above reasons is causing your DLL error, which is why we suggest that you use an automatic DLL fixer such as DLL Suite.

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