Jun 10, 2015

How to fix Control.dll missing or not found error

Control.dll is linked to control Dynamic Link Library programs developed by Sophos Limited Windows and the latest known version was created for Windows 7.

Common control.dll Error Messages

Common DLL Errors are most likely to happen during computer start-up / shutdown or when launching a program or while using a function such as printing.

*dll is missing
*dll was not found
*dll Access Violation
*Cannot register dll
*Cannot find C:\Windows\System32\\control.dll
*Cannot start (program name). A required component is missing: control.dll. Please install (program name) again.

Specific dll errors like control dll c#, Vulcan control.dll related errors occur if you have recently installed a program, or one that runs in the background, and contains an virus infected VulcanControl.dll.

Common Causes of DLL Error

There are many signs of fatal DLL Errors, most of which are seen at system start up or shut down or after installing a new application, that cause a control.dll is missing or not found or load order error.

Deleted or Missing File: A common reason is that you may have accidentally deleted the dll file yourself. Other times a software application can delete or overwrite the dll file. If you have just installed new software program and cannot open it, it may be due to a missing dll file.

Corrupted or Damaged File: If your Windows PC fails to start up normally it is usually from a dll crash caused by a corrupted dll file due to improper software installation or un-installation. The program will not open, load or throws "has stopped working" error.

Virus Attacks: When you have damaged windows registry keys, a malicious code from a virus attack has modified your dll file causing havoc to your registry keys. Sometimes a virus can also delete the dll file.

Registry Issues: Most dll problems are linked to the huge windows registry, which stores a lot of invalid, unused junk files and folders, clogging up the dll directory

Hardware Issues: Sometimes a hardware failure or breakdown can cause dll errors. It is a good idea to troubleshoot your CPU for a malfunction and replace any broken files immediately.

Want to Easily Remove Control.dll Errors?

First try to locate the dll file from the CMD or command prompt. If the dll file is deleted or cannot be found or is incompatible with your Windows version, you may use a Control.dll free download update from a Microsoft site.

You can run a full system scan with the default sfc /scannow in your PC. If that doesn't repair the dll problem, perform System Restore to "undo" any recent changes made on your system. Otherwise, perform a clean Windows installation to restore original system files settings.

You can manually try re-installing all the programs connected to the damaged file by manually searching and uninstalling each program, one by one. If the control.dll error still appears after you have properly reinstalled Windows, your DLL Error must be a faulty hardware or a CPU related error.

It is difficult to remove the control dll error and replace the file manually. You may not be able to recover the file from built-in Microsoft help tools, like a recovery disk or system restore. Now you can solve your DLL problems with a safe and automatic control dll download such as DLL Suite for Windows 7, 8, XP or Vista machines. After finishing the download and running the software repair tool, you can reboot your system normally.

Click on the button below to download Control.dll error repair tool - Max Utilities.

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