Jun 10, 2015

How to fix Common.dll missing or not found error

Common.dll is a dynamic link library file that is associated with other dll files having several versions and size. Like other dll files this is also important for a system to run well and perform better. Users are strictly prohibited to delete such files as it can prevent user to work with computer. Dll errors are not at all desired and if they are popping up user should look after it. Errors are alarming sign for computers and user should maintain a record for that purpose. Knowing why and when messages are showing up for experts it is easier to resolve.

Error messages can pop up like common.dll file missing, file failed to register, file cannot be found, faulty location path, file cannot be launched, file needs to re-installation as an important element is missing, stopped working, not responding etc. Virus can invade system, system registry can be corrupted and incompatibility issues because of new hardware insertion, bad hard drive, device driver problem etc. and it might result to error messages.

Now coming to the fixing methods, user should fix registry to its good condition. Running a cleaner can always help out user to eliminate ill keys and broken keys. Ill key over loading can make PC slower and make it to perform poorly. For common.dll error in windows 8 using a cleaner can be proved as a masterstroke instead of manual removing. Manual removing might leave few keys remaining in registry, until it is completely done error messages will pop up.

Secondly users are provided a magical tool by windows operating system that is system file checker. It is an integral part of windows resource protection and protects registry as well as program and system files. Enter this instruction to command prompt and run box respectively in windows 8 and 7 and wait until process is completely done. Restart system thereafter.

Thirdly try to make disc space empty. It might get full because of junk and temporary files. Junk files fulfilment makes PC to run slower and decreases overall performance. To get rid of it manually delete all temporary files, cookies from computer.

Conduct a full scanning of the computer and if any malicious codes are found remove it. if user is prone to open spam email attachments or visit sites that are not verified or trustworthy no wonder virus can enter. They can be camouflaged as important dll or exe or sys file and user cannot be able to recognize manually. Running a scanner can help to detect all culprits, depending on antivirus program several types of scanning are available like fast, quick and custom scan. User should what is best for the computer and uses that to detect malware from first attempt.

If nothing is helping out user can run a dll repair tool from VSKsoft that supports all operating systems of 32 and 64 bits as well as user can download common.dll for free from official site.

Click on the button below to download Common.dll error repair tool - Max Utilities.

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