Jun 10, 2015

How to fix AppUtil.dll missing or not found error

Is your computer continuously displaying error messages due to which it suffered from blue screen of death? This is also known as stop error and often blocks your work when there is something serious like Windows fail to start up. A blue screen of death is usually hardware or a driver related problem. Most BSOD display a stop code and this can be used to figure out the root cause.

Then it's high time to fix up the issue before this causes further damage to your computer. Specifically when you get apputil.dll download error then understand that it is a dll error and can be caused due to multiple reasons.

You can receive this error message while playing game or trying to use your computer. Basically you get this error because DLL files are shared and give a number of profits to software developers but at the same time the partitions also creates a number of issues. Its simple logic that you'll get the error when apputil.dll is missing and it fails to load.

Usually the error occur on a Windows based computer and happen at the time of start-up, commencement of a program or trying executing a particular function like printing , editing or scanning. First examine what kind of error messages you get?

List of Error Messages

Some errors can appear as this like apputil.dll not found, the file is missing, there has been access violation of the file, cannot register the file, cannot find the program, cannot start cdvd because a required component is missing so install cdvd file again. The application failed to start because dll file was missing so reinstall the application again. Like other dll errors the problem appears at the time of program installation, when the software is running, during Windows start-up or shutdown or even at the time of Windows OS installation. Keep a track of this information because it will come handy while troubleshooting the steps.

Particularly the apputil.dll vmware errors occur due to the following problems: These are invalid or corrupt registry entries, some kind of virus or malware infection which has corroded the file, hardware failure like bad hard drive, some other program has been overwritten on the required version, another program has mistakenly deleted the file, and some other file has uninstalled the program.

Easy Troubleshooting Steps

Now take a look at these troubleshooting steps:

Start by repairing the invalid registry entries, remove or restore the file from the recycle bin, carry out a full malware scan, usually the errors are due to the problems caused in the registry cleaner so fix this issue immediately. Reinstall the related software and install it again which can be done from the Control Panel. You can also get the error message while playing games, watching movies or listening to music. Try to update the graphic card or the video card. Make sure you also scan your computer for all kinds of virus infection.

You can also go for DLL Suite which fixes and repairs all kinds of DLL error.

Click on the button below to download AppUtil.dll error repair tool - Max Utilities.

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