Jun 9, 2015

How to repair ssleay32.dll problems

The ssleay32.dll file is related to ICQ Ltd and the newest version which has been produced for Windows is The "ssleay32.dll is missing" error message occurs while starting/closing computers and installing programs/applications. In case, such a fault arises, all the installation tasks shall get hindered and the previously finished processes shall get roll-backed, regardless of how much effort you put in.

What are the different repair techniques?

Test the memory and hard drive

Hard drive and memory faults might be the most obvious reason behind the location related issues popping-up. It is easy to test these components of your PC and these are the most likely units to result in the occurrence of failures.

Without the least delay, replace the hard-drive and memory if any of the tests fail to provide the desired results.

Install the available Windows Updates

You might be facing issues while making an attempt to download games such as command and conquer red alert 3, mass effect 2 and c&c online. In fact, there are many patches and service packs available, which you can consider installing on your PC. There remains every possibility that the ssleay32.dll file is included in one of those updates.

Replace the Corrupted Version

The most likely cause behind the error-prompts getting generated is that the file has been corrupted or mistakenly deleted from the Recycle Bin. In all such cases, you need to download the required version of the dossier. It is recommended not to visit the "DLL Download" websites since these sites do not enjoy the approval and distribute files which remain infected with all sorts of threats.

Rectify registry related problems

Registry issues can be considered as one of the most obvious reasons behind the "libeay32.dll missing" related errors occurring frequently. The Windows Registry is primarily a hierarchical database which stores the various types of options and configuration settings. In fact, third party applications, kernel, services and device drivers all make use of the registry.

To ensure the proper functioning of the registry, you can always consider using Max Utilities. This is widely regarded as a popular tool which lets you to remove and clean passwords, cookies, browsing history and invalid registry keys. In a synopsis, it is possible to claim that overall performance of your computer can be enhanced till the desired limit.

Error Messages

By adopting the right set of troubleshooting steps, you can avoid a host of errors from popping-up. Some of these include:

*".DLL file is missing"
*"Could not find the [Path]\.dll "
*"The application failed to initiate. Seems that reinstalling might fix the problem."

It is vital to maintain a proper track regarding where the issue has most necessarily occurred. This shall prove to be of real help in determining on the right set of error-fixing steps to espouse.

The last step worth following is carrying out a complete installation of Windows. This approach is always suggested since it lets you to benefit from a brand new computer all over again. Troubleshoot for hardware faults if the problems persist.

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