Jun 4, 2015

How to repair pbcl.dll problems

Pbcl.dll is a Dynamic Link Library file and like all other .dll files it is basically a smaller program that helps a larger program to perform tasks in your personal computer. It is an important component of the online gaming programs and many versions of it have been installed with the program Punkbuster that is used to find out if a gamer is using any cheating software. It is also installed with first person games, online games like Call of Duty and Battlefield 3. If these pbcl.dll files are damaged or corrupted, your games will crash in the middle of playing or even during start up and you will be left with no choice but to fix them if you want to keep playing the games.

When you come across these problems your computer will give clear indications of them as soon as you start to launch a game or when you are playing it. Gamers all over the world are constantly annoyed by these pbcl.dll errors and ask experts how to fix them.

One thing you should remember before we go into the solution the original .dll file is not a virus or malware and you should not stop it or uninstall it but if it has been corrupted the immediately scan your computer using a strong and up to date virus removal tool like Hit Malware to remove any Trojan or worm that might have disguised itself under the name of the .dll file. And if you already have it installed in your system then your computer will stay protected from any potential threats and the problem lies elsewhere, maybe in the Windows registry.

If the problem lies with the windows registry that might lead to Pbcl.dll missing errors which will stop the game and make it crash instantly making you lose all your points and progress in the game. These problems are often seen with gamers on their Windows 7 and 8 operating systems. Experts tell gamers not to try to repair the registry manually because while trying to do so even the smallest wrong entry can damage your registry even more and stop your computer from booting and a small gaming problem will become a big computer system problem. They suggest that you use registry repair software like Max Utilities that will take care of the damaged registry and remove all junk files, temporary files and invalid registry keys that are making your computer slower and causing games like Battlefield to crash.

With missing pbcl.dll files, if you want to download the right file for the right application, then use DLL Suite tool which will first detect if you are missing the file or whether it has just been damaged. If it has just been damaged then it will repair the file and if cannot be located then , the software will download the right file and install it in the correct location and re register the file for you automatically.

If you have accidentally deleted the pbcl.dll file then it might lead to errors during updates installation and you can recover the lost file using Save My Bits software that can retrieve accidentally deleted files even from damaged hard drives.

Click on the button below to download pbcl.dll error repair tool - Max Utilities.

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