Jun 9, 2015

How to repair Touchup.exe problems

If you are wondering why you are getting EA touchup.exe related problems on your computer while playing cross platform multi-player games like Fifa 13,14 or Fifa 15 then you need to understand what .exe or Executable files are. They are the carriers of instructions that your operating systems and games need, to function without issues and give you the best gaming experience. Electronic Arts or EA developed this .exe file to execute functions and these files are often the reasons for users complaining of failing games.

A few examples of how this .exe file can be found in these multiplayer games are mentioned below:-

For FIFA 13 the version is and it can be seen in C:\PROGRA~2\ORIGIN~1\FIFA13~1\__INST~1\touchup.exe.

For FIFA14 the version IS and can be seen in d:\hry\fifa 14\__installer\touchup.exe.

For FIFA 15 the version is and can be seen in FIFA.15.PC.Ultimate.Team.Edition.with.Up.4.Multi15.Cracked-3DM\FIFA 15\__Installer\Touchup.exe.

Because .exe files are universally used for numerous functions they are the targets for hackers who use these files to infect your system with malware and Trojans. It is to be remembered that the original Touchup.exe file is not a virus or Trojan and should not be accidentally removed or it can stop games from starting. It is only when a virus with the same name is detected that you need to use a advanced virus removal tool like Hit Malware to act as a shield against these threats. It will not only prevent these threats from infecting your system, it will also scan for any existing Trojan or worm and eliminate it without any issues.

If you are experiencing touchup.exe missing problems then you can be sure that there is damage in the Windows registry where the .exe file related games like Battlefield 3 have their program files. A required .exe file may have been replaced by a malware that is placing copies of itself throughout your computer system and causing your game to crash during start up. Use a registry repair tool instead of trying to do it yourself because even experts are wary of editing the registry themselves and suggest you use Max Utilities to repair all damaged registry entries and also to get rid of obsolete files, junk files and temporary files that are no longer needed. It will also keep the registry running smoothly in the future and help with program installation or un-installation thus making sure everything is error free.

What if the touchup.exe file could not be found because you or another malware program has accidentally deleted it and as such is causing games like FIFA 15 or Battlefield 3 to crash then you can download the file but finding the right file and the right source are important too because if the source website is infected by malware then the .exe file may corrupt your computer. So, use DLL Suite which will locate the file and download the correct version for your game from the official source, install it in the correct location automatically and also make sure that you have no gaming problems.

Click on the button below to download Touchup.exe error repair tool - Max Utilities.

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