Jun 9, 2015

How to repair DXSETUP.exe problems

The DXSETUP.exe is Microsoft's Direct X setup file for Windows 8, Windows 8.1. The file contains information about how the Direct X program can be installed and run. If there are issues related to the application, like a key file supporting the exe is missing, or the operating system is incompatible, the personal computer is not properly shut down then error messages related to the file are displayed.

Error messages and their cause of occurrences

It is important to understand the error messages and take appropriate steps towards resolving the issues. Among the errors that are displayed important ones are dxsetup.exe bad image, application failed to open, Troubleshooting enables to comprehend the root cause of the problem. Perceiving the root cause helps a lot in fixing error.

Errors can occur because of the presence of invalid or damaged registry keys, presence of malicious software in the PC system, un-installation of the exe application by rogue software, mistaken deletion of the DXSETUP.exe by corrupt applications, failure of hardware devices attached to the PC, the exe is overwritten by other software programs.

Trusted error fixing methods

There are effective ways of fixing the errors.

If it is first time the issue is occurring then it is better to restart the personal computer. There are situations when such actions solve the problem associated with the file.

Clean system registry using appropriate registry repairing tools

The registry editor is a database module and is a part of the PC operating system. This module contains the normal system configurations that enable the system software to function normally. In case, the PC is attacked my malicious programs, then these normal registry entries are tampered with. They are either deleted or replaced by invalid registry keys. It becomes necessary to purge these invalid keys, repair the system registry and contribute to mending the PC system. Special registry cleaner tools like the Max Utilities can be used in this regard. It cleans the registry editor, enhances the system speed, efficiency and performance of the personal computer. It also helps to preserve privacy.

Counter malicious software using effective antivirus programs

There may be unwanted interference of malware elements leading to system damage and so it is all the more important on the part of the user to identify these Trojans and remove them from the PC system. The user can use antivirus software to get rid of the malicious programs. It is advisable to perform monthly system scan to purge the malware, virus, quarantine infected files and thereby resolve issues with utmost effectiveness.

Other effective ways of resolving issues related to the file

There can be missing or corrupt files in the system. Using the system file checker tool the user can identify them and replace them to resolve the issue.

If you have made any undesirable alterations in the PC system, which you want to get rid of then using the Windows system restore tool is a good idea. The tool creates restore points with stable PC configurations and the user can choose any one of them to normalize the PC system.

It is important to download dxsetup.exe from trusted Microsoft websites. This practice enables the PC system to stay safe and secure.

Problematic hardware devices can be a reason for issues and so it's your responsibility to check each hardware piece separately, identify the problematic ones, replace them and then install a clean copy of the system software.

There are other ways of addressing the issue. One is to use the command line switches with arguments to fix certain problems. In case of missing dxsetup.exe file, one can perform silent installation of the file.

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