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Jun 4, 2015

How to fix d3dcompiler_46.dll missing or not found error

The d3dcompiler_46.dll is important for the performing certain tasks like playing games like dragon age inquisition, shadow of mordor, far cry 4 using the directx utility in the Windows 8.1, operating system. Like other dynamic link libraries, the file adds functionality to exe applications. In the Windows operating system the dll file is usually present but it may so happen that the file goes missing from there. Missing files lead to error messages and thereby prevent the user from operating the PC.

Replace missing files using downloaded files

Whenever, files go missing from the computer then it needs to be understood that it can happen if a user removes it from its usual location. It can go missing if certain installed applications remove it from the system. Also presence of malicious programs in the PC can be a cause of the deletion of the file in context. Other causes include problems pertaining to the registry editor.

If a file is deleted accidentally then one need to know about the current location of the file. It can be located in the recycle bin and so one needs to check the bin and see if it is present there. If the file is there, then the user needs to restore the same. It may so happen that the file suffered a systemic deletion. It may have been flushed out of the PC system. On such occasions, the user needs to visit online, check for the file in any Microsoft accredited website, download the free d3dcompiler_46.dll, d3dcompiler_46.dll gta 5 or d3dcompiler_46.dll gta v from there, replace the missing file with the downloaded version, and restart the PC. This may solve the problem.

There can be instances when malicious applications or tools cause deletion of the file from the personal computer. It is important to un-install such applications from the PC system and then re-install it.

Tackle malicious programs using suitable antivirus software

There can be attack on the PC system by badly written programs. Such attacks lead to corruption and damage of the computer file system. Using antivirus software is essential to overcome the situation. Download, installation and use of such programs keep virus, malware at bay. Periodic scanning using such programs identifies the infected files, quarantines them and thereby resolves the problems.

Remove illegal entries from registry editor using registry cleaner tool

The system registry is a database module, part of the system software that is populated with system configurations. If there are incorrect entries in this module then it affects the entire OS. It removes vital files that are a part of the OS. These may include the d3dcompiler_46.dll. Using proper registry cleaner tools is essential to resolve the issue. The registry cleaner tool needs to be used from time to time to repair and clean the registry. Such practice enhances the performance of the system.

Other methods of fixing the issues related to the file in context are the use of the sfc /scannow command where the user is able to track the infected files, remove them from the system. Sometimes, the Windows system restore tool also proves to be effective. Installing Windows system updates solves issues pertaining to missing files. Using the cleanmgr tool removes the junk files that are present in the system. An individual PC user can also contemplate of doing a clean installation of the OS software as it is helpful on quite a number of occasions. Many prefer to solve the problems associated with this file using the DLL Suite.

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