Jun 4, 2015

How to fix bf4.exe application errors

The bf4.exe is a process that is associated with certain gaming applications like bf4.exe battlefield 4tm. Whenever there are errors concerning this file then certain error messages are displayed. The common problems related to the bf4.exe file are problems in the registry editor software, malfunctioning of hardware devices, and corruption in device drivers. Attack by malware programs, the presence of missing or corrupt files are also vital reasons for the occurrence of error messages.

Consequences of errors

As a consequence of such errors, bf4.exe has stopped working. There can be sudden slow down of computer systems leading to performance issues. BSOD errors, freezing of computers, display of bf4.exe application error 0xc00007b, unwanted pop ups, bf4.exe bad image, bf4.exe not starting, bf4.exe app crash, frequent malware attacks are some of the ill-effects observed as a cause of the issues.

Strategies used to resolve major issues related to the file

Certain strategies and techniques need to be endorsed on the basis of error messages, which are generated, in order to get rid of the errors.

Download to replace the missing file

If the issue is because of missing files then replacing the missing file is the solution. For doing so, one can go online and search for the files related to bf4.exe from any Microsoft certified websites, download and install the bf4.exe or bf4_x86.exe in the safe mode of the PC. Replacing the file is followed by restarting the PC in the normal mode. Often installed applications adversely affect the normal functioning of the files. Uninstalling them and re-installing them is the solution to avoid undesirable error messages.

Resolve logical disk errors using chkdsk utility

Defective hardware devices like damaged hard disks pose problems in reading data from them. Using the chkdsk /f command helps in scanning and fixing logical disk errors. However, if the damage is related to the hardware, then hard disk replacement is the option.

Use antimalware programs to ensure complete protection to the PC

The attack of malicious programs causes damage to the file systems of the PC. It is therefore, very essential to get rid of these malware. Using special tools like DLL Suite and other antivirus software programs ensure complete care and protection to the PC system.

Clean invalid registry entries using appropriate tools

Registry editor is a database module, part of the Windows OS. Owing to virus or malware attack this module can get corrupt. Then it can contain invalid entries related to system configuration. The presence of such entries is detrimental to the system software. The user can then use tools like DLL Suite and other registry cleaner devices to get rid of the incorrect entries. Addressing the registry issue properly enhances the system speed and efficiency.

Use system file checker to get rid of infected files

The user can use the system file checker to check if there are any infected files present in the system. The presence of such files greatly inhibits the overall performance of the PC. It is therefore important to get rid of these infected items. The sfc /scannow command helps to identify the corrupt files and then remove them from the system.

Perform system restore using Windows system restore utility

If there is a problem with the operating system then an individual can use the Windows system restore tool to mend the OS. Restore points are created having stable system configurations. User can go with any one restore point to stabilize the PC.

Other steps include the use of cleanmgr tool, installing PC updates, doing a fresh installation of the PC operating system. The prime objective is to ensure that the personal computer is free from any type of errors.

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