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Jun 4, 2015

How to fix battlelog-web-plugins.exe application errors

The files that have the gradual instructions that a computer needs to do, to perform a function are known as Exe files or Executable files. Battlelog-web-plugins.exe is related to the BATTLEFIELD series of games including BATTLEFIELD 3 AND 4. It provides immediate notifications when players and their friends unlock new features or weapons or get awards. The true files are useful in the proper functioning of the game but sometimes they get attacked by viruses or malware due to the absence of a powerful virus removal tool like Hit Malware that leads to missing .exe files and major application errors. Fix them as soon as you can.

If we take a look at one example it will become clearer:
File name -- battlelog-web-plugins_2.3.2_130.exe, Version: 2.3.2-130 --safe and not to be removed.—it is the application which uses the Nullsoft Scriptable Install System installer during set up
File name:battlelog-web-plugins_2.3.0_119.exe, Version:2.3.0-119--- safe and not to be removed---- Nullsoft Scriptable Install System installer is used by this set up application.
File name:battlelog-web-plugins_2.1.2_104.exe, safe and not to be removed.—it is the application which uses the Nullsoft Scriptable Install System installer during set up.
These files are usually downloaded from battlelog-cdn.battlefield.com, thus they have a verified author and can be trusted that they are not malware. But if the author is unknown then it's best to avoid downloading it from other websites.

Now there are some major problems that gamers have been complaining about this plug-ins and a lot of them happened when they tried to launch the game or a game related application. Gamers have often complained that with BATTLEFIELD 3 when they downloaded and installed battlelog web plugins 2.1.2 106 exe, that it did not register with the game on its own. They have tried reinstalling it but it didn't work. The same problem happened with battlelog-web-plugins_2.1.3_109.exe.

They have also asked for fixes to battlelog web plugins 2.1.7 115 exe errors because it caused their games to crash and left them unable to play or check game statistics after they installed it.

The problems with this plug-ins continued with battlelog web plugins 2.1.3 108 exe which was released as an update. But after gamers tried to install it, it got installed but didn't show any confirmation and nothing happened, causing gaming problems.

Battlelog-web-plugins_2.3.2_130.exe download caused another major problem with BATTLEFIELD 3. When the gamers tried to log into battlelog, they received the error messages that battlelog needed their permission to run every time they tried to log in.

As you can imagine, how annoying these problems can be for gamers who are trying to play the game they like playing so much.

If you are one of the gamers and experiencing these problems and haven't managed to resolve them easily then you need to realise that you have got missing .exe files or corrupted files. But as users found out, when they manually tried to fix these errors, that even installing updates from the reliable source, didn't help until they used a battlelog-web-plugins.exe

file repair tool like DLL Suite, to be specific. The reason was simple—with its advanced programming it detected the .exe file that was causing error within minutes and fixed it. And if the updates were not installing properly, it installed them in their correct locations so that gamers could play the game without any issues.

Click on the button below to download battlelog-web-plugins.exe error repair tool - Max Utilities.

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