Jun 4, 2015

How to fix DSETUP.dll missing or not found error

The DSETUP.dll is an important file for playing games like lineage2 high five, l2tower, and everquest of the Windows operating system. Problems with this file prevent the system software to run inappropriately. Whenever this happens, it is important on the part of the user to adopt suitable techniques that resolves the issues related to the file.

Understanding the reasons for the occurrence of the errors is important while fixing the issues. Damaged, corrupted antivirus program installed in an untrustworthy, faulty PC system, invalid registry entries in the registry editor, incomplete installation of antivirus software application, attack of malicious programs, broken DSETUP.dll files.

Various methods to resolve errors related to DSETUP.dll

Some of the important steps to resolve the issue are described as follows:-

Resolve missing file issues smartly using the web

Missing or corrupt files are a cause of concern. It is therefore important to tackle this problem seriously. In the event, when the file is missing from your computer, the user needs to go online, search a Microsoft accredited website and download the file from it. After downloading the file, the user needs to replace it in the system32 folder under the C:\Windows\ directory.

Certain applications may hamper the smooth working of the dll file. By un-installing such applications, the user can get rid of the issue. Un-installation of the files is recommended as the process releases system resources used by the applications for reuse. The presence of junk files also diminishes the performance and efficiency of the PC system. Removing them makes the PC perform faster. Tools like DLL Suite are useful in this regard. Commands like the sfc /scannow is important as it identifies the infected files and remove them from the PC system. Also cleanmgr tool is useful to remove unused, broken files from the computer.

Repair registry problems using registry cleaner tool

There can be problems related to the system registry editor. Illegal entries in the OS module can cause the concerned file to get corrupt or missing. In order to fix the problem, the user needs to install proper tools that can repair and clean the OS module. Cleaning the system registry on a periodic basis augments the performance of the PC system.

Other methods of fixing issues concerning the file

There are other methods of addressing any issues related to corrupt operating system software. Using the Windows system restore tool is a good method to restore the corrupt OS status to an earlier configuration as defined in the system restore points.

The user needs to check for Windows updates and install them. By doing so, it is possible to resolve the issue related to missing files.

There can appear hardware problems especially those related to faulty HDD. Faulty hard disk drive does not allow the operating system to read the dll file stored in it. In this context, it needs to be said that there can be logical issues, physical issues concerning the disk drive. The chkdsk /f scan the system and resolve the logical issues. On the contrary, if there are physical errors detected then the hard disk needs to be removed ASAP.

The different error resolving techniques should be used only after studying, analysing the error message.

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