Jun 4, 2015

How to fix Cleanup.exe application errors

The Cleanup.exe is an application that is used to clean unwanted files, cookies from the windows 7 64 bit system. The cleanup utility works mainly with the web browsers. This program can be shared. The functioning of the system software is independent of this executive file implying that if the user chooses to remove the file from his system then he can do it without damaging the OS. The cleanup.exe gould, freebies4ya, filehippo, cleanup.exe 3.0, cleanup.exe portable, origin are popular cleanup utilities that are used in recent times.

Types of errors that can occur with this file

The common problem associated with this software is when there happens an access violation error. There can be issues like the file is missing, certain programs cannot be installed. The different causes for the occurrence of these errors include faulty installation of the application software, improper removal of certain applications requiring the file in context, infections caused by virus programs, registry editor issues.

To resolve this issue, one can download the DLL Suite and install it in the PC system. He can then run it from time to time to ensure complete protection of the PC system. If there appears problems during installation of the software, then try un-installing and then re-installing it.

Tackle missing file problem by downloading the file from the web

In case of missing files the user can download cleanup.exe from trusted websites like the cnet and place it in the location within the system software where it is expected to be.

Scan PC once a month using antivirus software to keep it healthy

Viruses, Trojans are important reasons for the occurrence of the errors. Therefore, users require using appropriate antivirus software to get rid of the malicious programs. Any quality antivirus programs can deal with the issue. Periodic system scans need to be performed to get rid of malicious files. For issues concerning the dll files linked directly to the exe file in context, DLL Suite provides great solution to fix them.

Solve registry error issues using registry cleaner tool

There occur registry editor errors. There can be invalid entries in the system registry. The entries which contain information on the system configuration can get deleted, corrupted. Using appropriate software tools is the key to fixing them. Cleaning the system registry augments the system speed and efficiency.

Un-install and then re-install applications to resolve relevant issues

Applications that are not installed properly corrupt the OS. They create problems in the successful running of the Cleanup.exe file. It is therefore imperative to uninstall such applications and then try re-installing the correct versions of the same. The same is applicable for system software program. Fresh installation of the OS program can resolve the issues.

There are other methods that include updating the device driver software. In fact the sys files are important for establishing a communication between hardware and the user's application via the system software. These files owing to their outdated status cause problems in the proper functioning of the PC. Using appropriate tools, this software programs need to be updated. There are manual methods that are available but such methods require to be avoided as it is tedious and time consuming.

Tricks like using the sfc /scannow command to identify infected files and then remove them from the system can prove to be effective sometimes. The user can also use the Windows restore tool to create system restore points with configurations that can be used to reinstate the PC system to a previous stable state. If the user installs the Windows updates then the missing file issue can be suitably addressed.

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