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Jun 9, 2015

How to fix ActivationUI.exe application errors

Certain error messages which appear related to the EXE file of name activationuiexe make you think about whether you want to keep it on your system or deleted it considering it to be unsafe. But before just randomly deleting it will never be a wise step as a file, it cannot be considered as unsafe for the activationui.exe error. It must be some circumstance to be blamed for the same. Right from the activationui.exe download, its installation of the file via its registering on your computer up to activationui.exe activation ui something must have went wrong and that's precisely the reason why this file has become a problem for you.

ActivationUI.exe is vital component of activation process of any program running on your computer and it is developed by Electronic Arts. Activationui.exe Sims 4 description is activationui.exe dragon age inquisition which is usually found to be stored in the (D:\ (X86)Program Files \Games\Dragon Age\bin_ship\Core folder)

Any sort of errors related to activationui.exe battlefield 4 usually faced by you as there must be certain problems lying in the Windows registry. Either the Registry keys have become invalid or there must be some issues created by Virus which changes the file property and leads to problems with activationuiexe.

Now before you randomly download the file from the internet and want it to be functional may not be wise all the time so you need to understand the problem very carefully before choosing any troubleshooting method. Before fetching the file from any external sources do check your Windows Recycle Bin if the file is there as a result of any sort of mistaken or malicious deletion. Run a System file checker or SFC to examine the condition of all the system files of your PC. SFC deletes the file which is found to be harmful for the system. Next is fighting with the malicious virus or spyware hidden in the system and spoiling your file condition and endangering your PC security. Trust a good brand for this job by choosing Hit Malware which without making your PC go slow removes all harmful elements and provides a total security of your system. You may change the hardware devices which are in use as they might have undergone some corruption or damage or might be obsolete. The clean installation of the Windows provides you with junk cleaning of your computer as well as it enhance the speed. The registries must be repaired or cleared using a good registry cleaner for instance VSKsoft Registry Cleaner. The Microsoft provided service packs which gets released from time to time must be brought into use for updating various features available keeps off errors related to obsolence of system files in use. The device drivers must also be updated from time to time to avoid errors. If the problem is due to any advanced version of software you may roll back to its older version to fix the error in your system.

Hope this article has answered all your queries which made you restless.

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