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Jun 4, 2015

How to fix Activation64.dll missing or not found error

The dll or the dynamic link library adds functionality to applications and exe files. The activation.dll 64 bit is used to run certain game applications like sims4, fifa 14, 15 played in 64 bit Windows OS. Any problem with this file results in the occurrence of error running the game application.

The different error types observed

In this respect, a computer user must be eager to know the different error types associated with this type of file. Activation.dll load failed, File is missing or not found, etc are some of the errors in this respect. The cause of such issues may be the unintentional deletion of the dll file; virus attack; problems related to gaming applications; issues related to hardware devices; corrupt device drivers; invalid entries in the system registry.

Ways to deal with the different error types

There are a number of ways to deal with these issues.

Replace missing file with the downloaded version

For instance, if the activation.dll is missing, then user can check the recycle bin for the same. If the file is not available there, then the user can download free activation.dll file from the web. The download needs to be performed from genuine websites to avoid unnecessary troubles with the PC system.

There may be applications installed in the PC system, preventing smooth performing of the concerned file. Under such circumstances, it is advisable to first uninstall the application and then reinstall an updated version of the same. This process can solve the issue effectively.

Perform registry repair and enhance PC speed

If illegal entries in the system registry are the cause for the occurrence of problems then it's important to get rid of them. Registry cleaner tools can be used to get delete such entries from the registry editor. PC user can download such tools from the web.

In this respect, it needs to be said that the DLL Suite proves to be useful in restoring, repairing the damaged dll files. A PC user can install and use such tools in his system. But it is recommended to use an antivirus tool in parallel. The antimalware tool helps to track the malicious software, and remove them from the PC system. Installing antivirus software and using it periodically resolves issues concerning corruption due to Trojans.

Update sys files whenever required

Outdated system drivers can be problematic. These software programs with .sys extensions are responsible for establishing communication between the users and the hardware devices that include peripheral devices. Issues related to these files lead to error messages concerning the Activation.dll file. It therefore is important to update such files, using suitable tools that may be the DLL Suite software. Manual update is difficult and therefore not resorted to in practice.

Use chkdsk utility to resolve logical hard disk errors

Problems with hardware devices like the hard disk drives is a cause of concern as such issues prevent the OS from reading the files. Therefore, it is necessary to use the chkdsk utility to perform disk checks to remove all hard disk errors.

There are other ways of tackling problems related to the dll file. After understanding and analyzing the cause of the problem, the user needs to take the most appropriate step for its solution.

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