Jun 4, 2015

How to fix Activation.dll missing or not found error

Activation64.dll remains associated with PHP 5 and has been developed by BDG Publishing, Inc. This is primarily intended for the Windows OS and the latest version currently in use is There are many causes behind the issues necessarily occurring. Some of the major reasons why; activation64.dll missing file errors usually creep in include; corrupt registry entry, hardware failure, another program overwrote the required version and malware/virus infection.

What are the different troubleshooting methods?

Repair the invalid registry entries

In most cases, the Dynamic Link Library system issues happen due to certain problems in the Windows registry. More than a single program shares the .dll file. Thus, whenever these programs get changed or uninstalled, "orphaned" registry entries are left behind. Only if you are a computer expert, must you proceed with the manual editing of the registries.

DLL Suite is a recommended file fixer which can repair and correct an issue similar to .sys BSOD, .exe application has stopped working or .dll missing errors. This is considered to be a sought after tool which can detect all sorts of errors and repair the same with a single click of the mouse. The fact that this product boasts of the largest database is the reason that you can enjoy many benefits.

Scan your machine for determining virus existence

Errors often creep in while making an attempt to carry out free download for fifa 15. When any virus infects the file, some malicious code shall be added. This ensures that the .dll file is not able to work in the appropriate way. Further, there remains an ample possibility that the error messages are created knowingly to coax you into buying some of the useless products.

Use the System Restore Option

The activation64.dll errors might creep in while you are making an attempt to download games such as dragon age inquisition and bf4. The right approach you can necessarily adopt, in order, to repair the errors is to use the System Restore option to roll back to the previous system condition. However, you need to adopt a cautious approach since by means of carrying out a system restore; you are exposed to the risk of losing on your important settings, data and software.

Install the all available Windows Update

Microsoft remains involved with a constant process of development as well as update which remains connected to the activation64.dll file. In majority of the instances, the simplest way of troubleshooting the issue is by updating Windows with the latest service pack.

Note of Caution- If you are interested in addressing the problem by means of replacing the infected edition of the dossier, it is suggested not to visit the "DLL Download" websites. In most cases than not, these websites distribute the files which are unapproved by the official developer and remain bundled with viruses. In case you are really in need of a copy, it is advisable that you consider obtaining the same directly from BDG Publishing Inc.

It is important to maintain a proper track as where the error has occurred so that you can carry out the error-fixing steps properly.

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