Learn how some users repaired the error 0x0000007e

Receiving any error code while working on the PC is quite normal. But users should not avoid any error code, because if they avoid it, then it will be the reason of severe danger. And in that case, users may wonder how to repair any error code on the PC. In this regard, this article will be helpful. This write up will give the users a proper idea about the error code 0x0000007e and, it's repairing method.

BSOD issue in Windows Vista OS

Windows Vista is a popular operating system and it works well. But some of the users do not think so. Simental Paul Prendergast resides in New Jersey USA is one of them. She says she receives random BSOD or blue screen while trying to boot the PC. She is only able to boot the desktop in Safe Mode. But while trying to boot the PC in normal mode, the system turns into blue and shows the stop code 0x0000007e. Due to this issue, she gets unable to boot the PC. The reason of this error can be many. But one of the most common reason is driver file. Users generally get this error if any drivers are corrupted on the PC.

Remote Desktop connection error

A devoted Windows user Shayanta Paul Jain from Enfield, London also faces the same error code. She says, she is unable to use Remote Desktop connection. While trying to connect Surface Pro with Windows 7 via remote desktop connection, it shows the error code 0x0000007e. The reason of this error can be any third-party software program. When any third-party software program conflicts with the system, then this type of issue happens. The software can block the process. Hence, she needs to uninstall the software to successfully make the connection. But after uninstalling the software, the problem may persist. In that situation, she should download a tool which helps to repair the error without any doubt.

Issue with Internet Explorer

While trying to open a new tab in Internet Explorer then the system may show the same error code. Ranjit Gupta from Sydney Australia often complain about this error. He adds whenever he tries to open this browser, an error message pops up on the system screen. The error message says Internet Explorer has stopped working along with error code 0x0000007e. And to find out the reason of this error, he needs to enter the Event Viewer option by typing 'Event' in the Start Menu. The Event Viewer error logs shows iexplorer.exe as the faulty application and kernel32.dll as the faulty module. That means the problem happens due to the corruption of the mentioned dll file.

A recommended solution method

Therefore, it is strongly recommended to install a proper error repair software tool on the PC. A proper tool will help to remove all the errors, including 0x0000007e error code in just a simple step. And Max Utilities would be the perfect error repairing tool. This amazing tool will also help to maintain the overall performance of the PC. So, the users can go for this tool without any second thought.