The error code 0x00000000001e9f74 and fixing it

When an error code like 0x00000000001e9f74 appears on a PC it denotes that there is a critical issue on the system. One must remove the error from its base so that the computer does not get harmed. Sometimes the manual ways work and the error gets fixed temporarily.

But if the code is not removed from the base it will reoccur. The following are some of the problems that one may bump into. There are many others that can appear as well.

Windows Live Mail hangs:

Windows Live Mail is an email client. One can view and edit emails on Windows Live Mail. It is a well-accepted email application. One, however, may face difficulty from time to time while using Windows Live Mail on Windows 7. When an email that has PPT file as an attachment is received and one tries to open the attachment the mailing application freezes. As it freezes the error code 0x00000000001e9f74 pops up on the monitor. One may or may not have Windows PowerPoint to open PPT files. Windows live Mail crashes anyway.

One may try solving the difficulty by installing the recent Windows Update. But even after installing the update the error may still occur. One may uninstall the application and reinstall it hoping that the complication will go away but to no use. There is no manual way the trouble can be resolved. One must take help of a repair tool that can remove the error along with the difficulty that it causes.

Cannot restart Computer:

Someone with Windows 10 Technical Preview may come across the error code 0x00000000001e9f74 when following the procedure to restart the computer. Along with the error code, one may also get a message that informs him that the computer cannot be shut down properly. As a result, the system may try to run an auto-repair. The error code may appear at that point.

One may be prompted to do a Clean Boot. But how can one run a Clean Boot when the PC is failing to boot normally in the first place? Therefore, the problem remains unsolved and one is left with a useless PC.

Trouble using Microsoft Office 2013:

Someone who has recently installed Microsoft Office 2013 may encounter the error code 0x00000000001e9f74. The error code may appear at the time of opening any application that runs under Microsoft Office Suite. One may not even open a file using Microsoft Office 2013. There are no online repair options available that can fix the issue. One may think of reinstalling the program hoping that the error will vanish, but he may even fail to uninstall the program. As a result, one is unable to use an application and not able to remove it from the PC.

How to fix the error:

To fix the error someone may keep trying troubleshooting. The methods that are available online and that assures to solve the trouble are mostly ineffective. One just wastes his time in trying out those ways. The problems do not go away.

One may, however, download the fixing software Max Utilities that effectually eradicates the error code 0x00000000001e9f74 from the system.