Various ways to deal with 0x800cccd2 imap related errors

The error code 0x800cccd2 IMAP can appear on users computer screen while sending mail with Windows live mail. This error code might occur due to incomplete or corrupt installation of the application. Other than Windows live mail this error code can also hamper the proper functioning of the PC so it becomes very important to deal get rid of the error on time. To know how to troubleshoot the error, have a look at the article.

Error while sending and receiving mail with Gmail Imap

Windows live mail users can face issue while sending and receiving mails with Gmail IMAP. A user named Andy faced this kind of issue in his Windows XP. He says that he freshly installed Windows live mail in his PC and created brand new Windows mail profile then added the IMAP mail account. It worked for few days then after that he started getting error code 0x800cccd2 while sending mail via Gmail IMAP.

To fix the issue users can download error fix software from the verified site.

Error in connecting to Windows store

Users can face issue in connecting to Windows store due to 0x800cccd2 error code. A user named Anna faced similar issue in her Dell Inspiron laptop running on Windows 10. She says that every time she tries to connect to Windows store she gets an error message informing that "Windows Store isn't available on Windows 'To Go workspace'".

The issue can happen after recent Windows installation or due to some software change in the PC. If the manual methods don't work then users can download professional software to fix the error.

Ways to resolve the issue

The best way to resolve this issue is by downloading 0x800cccd2 IMAP error fixing software. This software can repair the error and keep the PC safe and secure as well.