The quick fix to error code 0x00000003

Errors may occur at any point in time of using a computer. Sometimes the reason behind a complication is vivid and clear whereas on other occasions you may find it difficult to understand why an error is occurring on your system. The error code 0x00000003 is one such code that occurs at the time of installing printer or even when you are using certain programs installed on your PC. If you go through the text below you will find some of the critical cases that you may face if you encounter the code.

Error on Microsoft Office 365:

If you have Microsoft Office 365 and you have recently updated it you may come across a complication. You may see that at the time of accessing the calendar inside Microsoft Office Outlook the application gets terminated. The problem may appear on any version of Windows operating system. The exception code 0x00000003 also appears when the crash report is generated. You may see that the faulting module is ntdll.dll.

Printer recognition failure:

Suppose you have Windows Vista Business is installed on an HP desktop. You try to connect the HP printer Deskjet 5550 to your computer. You install the necessary printer driver. At the time of connecting, however, you get to see the error code 0x00000003. The printer is not recognized by your PC. You may also verify that the name of the printer is listed in the shared resources. Still, you may fail to establish the connection.

Random blue screen of deaths:

Your computer that has Windows XP may run into a blue screen of death without any prior intimation. The BSOD may happen at any point in time along with the stop code 0x00000003. You may try to get rid of the problem by booting your system from the CD. You will, however, find out that at the time of booting a BSOD appears again. Even if the computer boots up, when all the files are copied on the hard drive and the device restarts you encounter yet another blue screen of death.

Microsoft Office 2016 shuts off:

You recently have installed Microsoft Office 2016 on your Windows 8.1 PC. Now, when you try to use the application you may see that the application crashes. You may reboot the computer hoping that the complication will go away, but it continues to happen. You can find the reason of the difficulty in the Event Viewer. The root of the trouble is msmapi32.dll file that has become corrupted.

BSOD while using Adobe Photoshop:

As soon as you upgrade your system into Windows 10, instead of getting a better performance you start to receive multiple blue screen of deaths. The first time the BSOD appears when you are using the image editing program Adobe Photoshop CC 2015.

You may update the drivers hoping that the problem will not reappear. But proving you wrong the same BSOD occurs when you use the Photos application installed on your operating system.

The perfect way to resolve the issues:

As you can see, working on your own PC may become difficult at times. You may upgrade a system hoping that the experience of using the computer will become even better. Instead you are faced with a dreadful fault in your system. The best way to remove the troubles associated with the code 0x00000003 is to install Max Utilities.