Issues caused by 0x000000f7 error code

The error code 0x000000f7 can cause blue screen with DRIVER_OVERRAN_STACK_BUFFER, STACK_BUFFER_OVERRUN_nt and various other error string on Windows Operating PCs. Blue screen can occur any time, while playing games, surfing internet or performing some other task. Not only blue screen, it can also cause Microsoft Office Programs to crash. Other than these issues, this error code can also cause other general issues in the machine. It can make mouse and keyboard slow and sluggish, it can make computer lag etc. To know about the various troubleshooting methods, have a look at this article.

Blue Screen while using Chrome browser

The error code 0x000000f7 gives blue screen error while working on internet. A user faced similar issue in his Windows Vista laptop. He complains that he launched Google Chrome on his laptop, when the machine was restarting, the screen froze. Now no matter what he tries, he cannot get out of this frozen screen, only way left is to power off the machine.

After powering off when the machine is started, he gets blue screen with stop error 0x000000F7. He downloaded and ran Windows defender, but no issue was found in the machine. He also tried various boot methods, but to no avail. He plans to reinstall the Windows, but he is unable to partition the disk and back up the files. Even System Repair fails to solve this glitch.

Booting issue in Windows 8

A user using Asus laptop with Windows 8 complains that his machine fails to boot. Whenever he tries to boot the computer an error message pops up, stating that Windows failed to start. Further the message states that the issue might be caused by recent hardware or software change. Along with this error message he also gets 0xc000000f7 error code.

He tried to repair the computer using Windows installation disk, but still the issue could not be solved. When the disk is inserted in the computer, the screen goes black, then after few minutes computer restarts and displays an error message. The message states that the boot configuration data for the PC is missing or contains errors.

Blue Screen issue in Windows 7

Windows 7 computer is having frequent system crash and blue screen with error code 0x000000f7. The user reports that PC crashes almost every time while surfing the web, playing music or movies, or trying to run a game. The issue happens just after few minutes of running the program or going to the internet. After the crash, PC locks up and does not restart. It must be manually shut down.

To fix the issue, Memory diagnostic is run, but no issue is found in the RAM. Video driver is replaced, clean reinstallation of Windows is done, but nothing helps to resolve the problem.

Most effective way of fixing the problem

Most effective way of fixing 0x000000f7 error issues is by downloading Max Utilities. This software wondrously removes the error and enhances the overall performance of the PC. It is compatible with all versions of Windows OS.