Managing 0x80029c4a (type_e_cantloadlibrary) Error with Minimum Hassle

At most times than not, PCs run into different types of problems, and they respond by sending an error message which is difficult to decipher or simply too vague to be of any use. One type of the fault explicitly remains related to 0x80029c4a (type_e_cantloadlibrary). Now right at the onset, it ought to be made clear that the types of the fault are quite complex and to be able to put to rest the same, you are supposed to enjoy an appreciable level of technical knowledge and domain expertise. Perhaps, this is the reason that it is more important to look around for a paid version of a tool available for download. Before that, let's look at some of the frequent issues which paralyze the normal functioning of the computer over time and again.

Errors Which Could Often Creep-in

At times; you would need to create a Windows service on a Windows 2003 machine using docile to be able to modify custom properties on a bunch of documents. But, once you decide to install the service on a win2k8 machine, you may have to deal with an error explicitly related to 0x80029c4a (type_e_cantloadlibrary). The unknown error which occurs clearly suggests that the operation simply failed as because there was an error while attempting to load the type library / DLL.

Then again, it could often so happen that while using Visual Studio 2010, you may get an error saying that it is unable to cast COM object of type 'Microsoft.Office. Interop.Excel. ApplicationClass' to an interface type 'Microsoft.Office. Interop.Excel. ApplicationClass'. This fault explicitly related to 0x80029c4a (type_e_cantloadlibrary) could occur because of an error while loading the type library / DLL. To be a bit more specific, this type of an error happens simply after right-clicking on the results of a Team Query and after selecting the option saying - "Open Selection in Microsoft Excel".

* Solution

A 0x80029c4a repair tool is all that is needed to be able to put to rest all the types of issues.