Learn how to repair 0x0054 errors related to keyboard

If you want to know how to overcome bug check code 0x0054 regarding the keyboard, then download a 0x0054 fixing tool on the computer.

Error codes can appear on the screen if there is something wrong with the entries under Windows registry. Due to this reason, the devices connected to the computer system may not work properly. Windows operating system when installed on the computer may often show error codes while connecting an external device like mouse, keyboard, speakers, and so on, on the computer. Even updating related devices too can cause the PC to show up an error code on the screen.

BSOD with keyboard connection:

While connecting a keyboard with the computer it may crash showing up a Blue Screen of Death issue. Microsoft USB Keyboard may have stopped to work on the computer. Hence, the computer fails to detect the keyboard. Along with that the PC has issues with HID class drivers and that is why, it is unable to connect the keyboard. While connecting the computer to the keyboard may lead to an unexpected crash followed with a BSOD issue.

Another example of BSOD issues pertaining to external devices will help to understand it better. A Dell laptop installed with Windows 10 32 bits operating system may seem to crash with an unnecessary Blue Screen of Death issue randomly. The problem may happen when on tapping on any key of the Microsoft Wireless Keyboard 800. Reinstalling the wireless keyboard filter device may seem to be the only option but this method may not help much. A corrupt driver file named kbdclass.sys may be causing the fault.

The error string on the system may display as DRIVER IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL message. Also, a BSOD with code 0x0054 regarding the keyboard may show up on the system. Such issues can be sorted only with the help of a good software solution.

BSOD with wireless keyboard:

A USB CDC device may have stopped working in a computer running on Windows 10 64 bits operating system. The computer may crash showing a Blue Screen of Death while connecting Microsoft wireless keyboard 6000 v3.0 and mouse 6000 v2.0. At this point, the computer may stick to a reboot loop and keep on crashing with BSOD faults. The drivers file 'HIDCLASS.sys' may be at severe fault. For this BSOD, the bug check string may report a PAGE FAULT IN NON-PAGED AREA message. This event may take place in the computer after installing updates relating to the operating system. Removing all updates from the computer may not be of any help for fixing the BSOD issues.

A laptop installed with Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bits operating system may show up similar issues. Wireless keyboard in another computer may cause Blue Screen of Death. While disconnecting Microsoft wireless keyboard driver from the computer, it may lead to crashes and then a line of BSODs. The corrupted driver file wdfilter.sys may show as the faulty file. The bug check string may show a LIST ENTRY CORRUPT. The bug check code may state 0x0054 for keyboard.

BSOD errors show up after random crash

Acer Aspire notebook running on Windows 7 64 bits operating system may crash on Blue Screen of Death issue while playing StarCraft II using a wired keyboard. Even though installing all updates and drivers on the computer, it may still result in crashes, along with a BSOD. As a result, the issue may result in unexpected 0x0054 errors relating to the keyboard.

Fixing Blue Screen of Death issues:

If you are getting similar problems like error code 0x0054 while installing keyboard drivers, then you need to fix it using a 0x0054 fixing tool on the computer.