Prevent (0x800b010b) Generic Trust Failure issues and application faults from Windows

To fix 0x800b010b Generic Trust Failure problems from Windows OS, you need to download and run the excellent 0x800b010b fixing tool on the computer.

Generic Trust Failure error messages can pop up on the screen if there are severe issues with Visual Studio or any other application on the system. In that case, the computers running on Windows operating system may receive error codes and issues on launching applications. The error must be removed as soon as possible if you want the PC to perform well. Read this article to know more about the error relating to Generic Trust Failure and the associated code.

Visual Studio Update installation:

While installing updates for Microsoft Visual C++ 2010, an error code pops up on the Dell laptop. The device fails to install the updates because of a runtime fault. The 'Runtime error' appears in the computer if there is a bug in the program. The laptop runs on Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bits Operating System and this update installation failure generates the _0x800b010b error code.

In another computer running on Windows 8 Pro 64 bits operating system, an error takes place while installing updates for Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 x86 Redistributable Setup. The computer does not allow installing updates showing an error message of generic trust failure with code 0x800b010b. Due to a verification failure, the error occurs. At the same time, a message also suggests deleting the file retrying setup.

.Net Framework Update installation:

.NET Framework 3.5 Client Profile update installation shows a message along with code in a computer. The computer already has .NET Framework 3.5 SP1; still the HP Pavilion laptop cannot install updates. This update installation failure happens in the computer because several program files Softpub.dll, Wintrust.dll, Initpki.dll, and Mssip32.dll are missing from the computer.

.NET FRAMEWORK 4.5 update installation fails in a computer running on Windows 7 64 bits operating system. Update installation in the computer fails because certificates cannot be checked or verified. Both update installation failure messages end up with the generic trust failure message with code 0x800b010b. If .net framework is not updated in your computer, you may get issues while installing software or playing games. On launching games in absence of updated .net framework, either it would get terminated or it would not open at all.

Windows update installation error:

Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bits operating system installed computer cannot install updates. While installing updates in the computer, an error message appears on the screen. The computer cannot detect the Catroot folder which is extremely important for installing updates.

Next, Updates KB2604121 and KB2656351 fail to install in a computer running on Windows 8 Pro 64 bits operating system. The computer shows an error message of generic trust failure with code 0x800b010b. System Update Readiness tool also cannot help for fixing the problems from the computers upon installing updates installation failure.

Fixing procedure for erroneous code:

To fix the above error code on the computer, a 0x800b010b Generic Trust Failure fixing software is a must for all users. This easy to download software needs to be installed on the computer immediately.