The process of removing 0x800c006c errors

The error 0x800c006c generally appears when we try to use Windows Live mail application. Due to this error, we sometimes are unable to use the application properly. So, we need to fix the error as early as possible to use the application in a smooth way. Windows troubleshooting programs does not help us in this regard. That is why an error repair tool is needed to solve this issue.

Email sending error

When we attempt to send emails with the attachment of pictures using Windows live mail application, then we get the error code 0x800c006c. This annoying error code comes again and again on the system screen. Due to this error, we cannot use the mail application properly. This may happen, if the mailing application has not been configured successfully on the PC. So, we must remove the mail app and reconfigure the mailing application. But this process may not help us at all; the problem can persist on the system. In that situation, it is essential to apply a proper tool, which helps to remove all the problems from the system.

Unable to open emails

We are using Windows 10 and Windows Live Mail version 2012 is installed on it. But we are getting a problem when trying to open some of our emails. An error messages is popped up on the system screen, which says a problem occurs while trying to open email with error code 0x800c006c. This annoying error message prevents us to open any mail. As we are unable to repair this error, we are looking for help.

Cannot send or receive mails

We cannot send or receive any mails on Windows Live mail application. Whenever we try to do so, it shows the server error 5102 and Windows Live Mail error ID 0x800c006c. In that situation, most of us try to delete the mails from outbox to resolve this issue, but after clearing outbox this issue may persist on the PC.

Then after lots of research, we come to know, that the problem happens due to the low memory and disk space. So, we can resolve this issue by removing all the junk and cache files and making some free space in the memory. But the issue still may persist. So, in that case we may try applying an error removing tool, which can remove the error from the system effectively.

Error while downloading any attachment from received email

When we try to download any attachment from any received email for the Hotmail account an error message appears on the system screen. The message says, the downloading process is getting stuck with error code 0x800c006c. It may happen if there is any antivirus software program is installed on the PC. The antivirus software may block the process. But after uninstalling the software program, the problem cannot solve.

What should we do now?

The problem can be solved by using a tool which is especially designed to deal with the above-mentioned errors. A proper error code _0x800c006c repair tool will be the best always. It will help in all the possible ways to maintain an error free computer or laptop. We just need to download this tool from any authentic website.