How to sort out issues with the 0x887A0005 code?

The error codes are something which can make the users annoyed enough to replace the entire computer. But there is a better way. Go through the write up.

With the application of Movie Maker

While trying to make video with the photos the user has started getting issues. The users complain that he has Windows Movie Maker application and with the help of the same he has tried to perform this activity. He has failed to make any video with the application as the error code 0x887A0005 is popping up on the system screen with the process. The reinstallation and upgrade of the application has not solved the issues.

While saving the project through the Movie Maker, the problem has started coming up on the display screen. There is no issue with the installation or execution of the application but the problem is taking place on the computer with the saving of the projects. The error code 0x887A0005 has become common with the process. Despite removing all audio files, the problems are still appearing with the code.

With the DirectX drive

While trying to play the Startrek online Through Arc the problems are appearing with the process. The loading of the same cannot be done as the error message is occurring with the Direct 3D driver. The driver file is unable to be run in the computer as the error message is popping up stating the dxgi_error_device_removed with 0x887a0005 code. The drivers are all updated in the computer but despite the same, the problems are coming repeatedly.

The user was very fond of Ace Combat: Assault Horizon game which also needs the graphics card and driver for running the same. After finishing the game in his friend's computer, the user has tried to play the same in his own computer but he has got error messages while playing the same. The error message 'Failed to create Direct3D device or initialize Games for Windows Live: -2147467259' is cropping up on the display screen with the 0x887a0005 DirectX.

With the Camera application

On the system running with Windows 8.1 the problem takes place on the system screen with the camera application. The application is unable to be run in the computer as the error code 0x887a0005 is popping up on the computer screen. The camera has stopped working and the application cannot be accessed due to the same code.

After the installation of Windows 10 as the update of the operating system, the problem has been witnessed in the Camera application. The camera application is unable to be executed as the 0x887A0005 is making the application stop working. The reinstallation of the operating system is troublesome and the camera application is impossible.

What is the way out?

The problems with the error codes can be removed from the computer with the installation of Max Utilities. The installation of the tool can repair the programming files and prevent the codes from appearing repeatedly with the apps.