How to deal with 0x800b0110 cert_e_wrong_usage issues?

Whenever you find you are facing the 0x800b0110 cert_e_wrong_usage issue you need to immediately turn on to the specialized tools that are categorically developed to deal with these issues. This is a complicated problem that cannot be solved with the help of the ordinary software tools that are found online in abundance. Here are some of the issues that you face.

Error while installing Microsoft OneDrive

Whenever you try to install Microsoft OneDrive you are at times irritated by the 0x800b0110 cert_e_wrong_usage issue. It comes up along with an error message, which says Microsoft OneDrive cannot be installed. Sometimes, the application is installed but keeps on restarting and crashing out on a continuous basis.

This happens when the Microsoft Office document cache gets corrupted and it runs into another application program running simultaneously.

Microsoft Office OneNote synch issue

Sometimes, you cannot run Microsoft Office OneNote regardless of the version of Windows used. Whenever you attempt to install the application, it gets a 0x800b0110 error code. Along with that you come across an error message. The message says the application cannot be installed as there was an error in communicating with the endpoint at skydocsservice.svc.

This takes place when the Certificate Authority is invalid or is incorrect. This happens as and when the URL of the application is not included in the subject or the SAN or Subject Alternative Name of the website SLL or Secure Socket Layer certificate. This happens when some critical DLL files like mspst32.dll and azizoqocefuwejat.dll files are not in sync with the system you are using. You will not be able to solve this issue by steps like running Windows in Safe Mode and the likes. Even the common tools of rectification fail to solve the issue.

What is the easiest way to solve the issue?

To solve 0x800b0110 cert_e_wrong_usage errors, you need to look for a _0x800b0110 error repair tool and overcome all issues instantly.