The error 0x800b0004 in Windows update

The errors can be a very common issue in most computers. These errors can happen due to various reasons and make the computer unresponsive towards the user commands. The problems present in the computer can affect the user in various ways and waste their valuable time and other resources. One such error is 0x800b0004 in Windows update. Let's consider some of the problems this error has created:

1. Error While installing Windows Essential:

A user has Windows 8 operating system installed on his computer. While trying to install the Windows Essential his computer faced an issue and gave the 0x800b0004 error. The user tried to solve the problem with the help of internet. But the solutions presented on it were very technical. As the user is a novice in the workings of the computers, he could not carry out them.

2. Error after updating Windows 7:

A Windows 7 user saw the 'exit code= 0x800b0004' in Windows update log. A Windows Update Log is a documentation which keeps the note of the various updates performed by the operating system. Recently he upgraded his Windows, which went without any issues. So, the user could not understand the reason behind this situation.

Methods to solve the issue:

To solve the issue, the users can use the error 0x800b0004 Windows update repair software. This software can remove the given error and the other errors of the similar kind. Also, it speeds up the computer by disabling the useless files and settings present in it. This tool protects the computer and takes a very little time to remove the errors present in it.

Thus, it makes the error removal procedure an easy task for all novice users.