How to fix tcpip.sys error

What is tcpip.sys?

Tcpip.sys file can cause multiple errors in a computer. The sys file is located at the system sub folder and this is considered as one of the most important file for network and internet connection. If the file is damaged, the computer will not be able to communicate between devices and drivers and as a result it will get blue screen of death.

Here are examples of tcpip.sys error:

Tcpip.sys error can start to appear in the system when the PC had any network problem. When user was trying to connect wireless connection, the PC crashed on blue screen of death. The error string was SYSTEM THREAD EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED and stop code was 0x0007e. This was Windows XP Pro 32 bits operating system. The PC only crashed in normal mode, it was fine in safe mode booting.

After a recent BIOS update, PC had starte4d to show Tcpip.sys error. This was Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bits operating system and computer was crashing on blue screen of death repeatedly. There was a message that popped up on the screen on every 10 seconds that MS is collecting information. The error string was CRITICAL STRUCTURE CORRUPTION and error string was 0x3b.

Tcpip.sys crash had started to take place in the PC that was running on Windows 10 operating system. User purchased it preinstalled, now after installing few security and cumulative updates in the PC it had started to show tcpip.sys crash. Error strings were BAD POOL HEADER and WHEA UNCORRECTABLE ERROR. The PC was crashing to watch Amazon video, opening MS Edge or to play Battlefield 4 on full screen mode.

An OEM build Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bits operating system had started to show errors. Tcpip.sys BSOD started to happen in the PC while opening Network and Sharing centre. For this Tcpip.sys BSOD error string was DRIVER IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL and error code was 0xd1. The PC took an auto reboot and then it said PC was shut down to prevent from damage.

After installing updates in the computer an error had started to appear. Tcpip.sys crash had started to appear in the PC in this Windows 8 operating system. The computer got back to back three crashes on a consecutive way. The error string was SYSTEM SERVICE EXCEPTION and stop code was 0x3b.

Tcpip.sys in Windows 7 operating system had started to show errors. After update installation it started to take place. System Restore had failed to work. PC specifications are EVGA x58 SLI motherboard, 2 EVGA 8800GTS in SLI VGA, 8 GB RAM. For this Tcpip.sys in Windows 7 blue screen of death error string was DRIVER IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL and stop code was 0xd1.

For tcpip.sys fix, install Max Utilities. This tool is easy to download and install as well as this helps for removing all instances of blue screen of death.