How to fix 0x0000003b error

0x0000003b is a stop code that generally comes with blue screen of death. The code can appear in the computer if PC is getting blue screen of death. When devices and drivers failed to communicate with each other, such an error could start to appear on the screen. On any Windows OS version, this error code can take place.

Here are examples of 0x0000003b:

1. The computer was crashing frequently with 0x0000003b error. This was Windows 7 64 bits operating system and PC crashed to open Control Panel. Its specifications are Amd Fx 8350

Asus Pro gaming / aura 970, 2x DDR3 8Gb RAM, MSI Radeon R9 390. memtest and Seagates Hard drive test did not have any issues and BSOD did not happen in safe mode.

2. The computer was crashing on blue screen of death and code 0x0000003b in Windows 7 operating system appeared. To use Windows Movie maker, PC crashed on blue screen of death. The error string for 0x0000003b in Windows 7 was SYSTEM SERVICE EXCEPTION. Reinstalling Windows, driver update installation, driver verifier could not help for fixing the BSOD problem from the computer.

3. SONY VAIO laptop had started to crash on BSOD and 0x0000003b error code came up. This was Windows Vista 64 bits operating system. When user was trying to install graphics driver updates in the computer this error took place. System file checker scan and memtest did not help for fixing the error. After installing video card updates it crashed again and error string was SYSTEM THREAD EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED and bug check code was 0x7e.

4. The PC was crashing constantly on hardware failure. 0x0000003b system code took place in the PC. After defragging HDD, the PC was crashing on BSOD. Chkdsk did not find any error in CPU and in GPU. PC specifications are CPU Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 @3.16 GHz, RAM 8.00 GB, HDD Maxtor 6L300R0 300GB, GPU nVidia GeForce GTX 460 1GB, PSU Antec HCG-750 750W. Mouse driver updates failed to install here with 0x0000003b system code.

5. After replacing HDD, code 0x0000003b in Windows 10 operating system had started to take place. The PC had quad core AMD with 4 gigs of ram, ATI 4670, and SATA HDD. Chkdsk did not find anything still the code 0x0000003b in Windows 10 was appearing.

6. 0x0000003b BSOD happened to connect the VGA cable to the projector. This was Windows 8.1 64 bits operating system and the error took place saying Initializing disk for crash dump. Beginning dump of physical memory. Dumping physical memory to disk.

For 0x0000003b fix download and install Max Utilities. This tool will help for fixing the errors. It can help out for removing all errors from PC registry. The computer will start to run fine. It will optimize the PC as well as protect the browsers for long time.