How to fix WinMail.exe error

The WinMail.exe file is the main executable file for Windows mail and e-mail. If this file gets infected by any reason, then people face numerous problems at the time of sending mails in Windows system. They get unable to send mails and the mails applications also start to get crashed. For this crashing issue, system will get too slow to boot up and it will start to hang very frequently. These issues can easily be repaired with the help of a powerful software system, which should be smart enough to resolve all mail related problems. Continue to read this article to resolve your mail related problems.

For some reason winmail.exe is in our Task Manager when our Windows 7 starts up. We don't know, where it's coming from. It is not in startup or msconfig and we know Windows 7 doesn't include winmail, so where would it be coming from? We have told our antivirus program not to monitor winmail and after a reboot winmail.exe still loads and it's still unchecked in our antivirus. We keep getting the WinMail.exe error with WinMail.exe start up issue in our system after every boot up. We cannot stop the exe process in the Task Manager.

You may get another problem with winmail.exe. Somehow, without ever running it once, it may get started a few times. And if you delete/uninstall it, then it would. For some reason, Windows 7 thinks this program is essential and won't let you do anything with it. If you install Windows 7 64 bits as a clean install and then install Office with Outlook as a mail client, then you would like to dump Winmail, because it hogs system resources without ever being run. You may try to uninstall/delete it; you may also try to use Windows Defender on it (which will then be another one to get rid of). To resolve this issue, you should apply a powerful error code repairing tool, which will be capable enough to fix all WinMail.exe Windows 7 problems.

When we try to open a hyperlink from an email, then we get a message box that pops up on the top, saying WinMail.exe - no disk. Then below in the middle of the box it says, that there is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into drive E. We have also noticed, that it does this, when we attempt to bring up the Task Manager. We are getting annoyed with this WinMail.exe issue in our PC. We are constantly getting the mentioned error message. What should we do to stop this message from coning?

Another user running Vista Home Basic SP 2 is also getting issues from the Windows mail (winmail.exe is in Task Manager processes). It has recently started always taking around 100% of CPU time rendering the PC almost unusable. Then he has to close winmail down in order to use other programs, then winmail again starts every so often to check his emails. Winmail during this high consumption time is not checking for emails or doing anything useful that he can see. He cannot understand, what is WinMail.exe actually.

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