How to fix 0x000b22 error

We receive every day loads of mails from customers across the world stating about problems that are caused in different Windows operating systems due to the error codes. Clients complained us that they are not able to run some vital programs or play games during their leisure time and even facing issues while trying to load open Word, Excel and other office programs. Recently we have been receiving mails where customers have mentioned about problems caused by 0x000b22 error.

Check out few problems that are reported to us via emails which are generally caused due to error0x000b22.


Mr. Robert Webb from Indonesia reported that after upgrading his system to Windows 10 and then when trying to send emails using Microsoft Outlook 2013, the emails sending is showing failed with error 0x000b22. The message cannot be send, try sending it later as sometime went wrong. He even reported that after he had upgraded his office version on his system, on boot up0 when trying to open Word document, Word document could not opened. Every time Windows screen starts showing 0x000b22 error notification.

After changing the default outlook data file to prevent drafts seen by every time, Mr. Michael Stuart from North California complained that he is facing problem to send invitation to users. Whenever he is trying to do so, the Windows screen starts displaying 0x000b22 fix error. He even reported that even each time while he is trying to send emails under bcc, the emails sending showing failed with 0x000b22 fix error notification.

Mr. John David Jenkin from California reported that after upgrading the office version to Office 365 on Windows 10 machine then sending of emails using Outlook 2016 failed with 0x000b22 Outlook 2016 error stating Outlook 2016 failed to send the messages because it has encountered with some problem. Sorry for the convenience, please try again later. He also said that when trying to send, receive and read emails, the operating failed with error 0x000b22 Outlook 2016 not working.

While trying to send emails using Outlook 2010, the sending of emails failed with 0x000b22 Outlook 2010 smtp settings are no0t working. This problem was reported by Mr. JoAnn Baldwin from South California. After upgrading the Office version from Outlook 2010 to Outlook 2016, the receiving of mails failed showing problem due to error 0x000b22 Outlook 2010 has stopped working.

Mr. Deanna Johansmeier from Atlanta complained that while trying to install Office 365 programs on Windows 7 machine, the installation showing failed every time displaying error 0x000b22 Office 365 cannot be installed now because Windows installer has encountered with a problems. Try again later. Often he said that when trying to open Word programs after upgrading his office version from Office 365 to Office 2016, Word document failed to open showing error 0x000b22 Office 365.

Each time the email attachments failed to attach using Outlook 2010, previously there was no problem with Hotmail. Now when trying to send attachments after updates, it failed with error code 0x000b22. This problem was reported by Mrs. Janet Brown from Hatfield city. To repair error code 0x000b22 she said that she had run error fixing tool. But that was of no use. Please help.

Way to troubleshoot such issues:

We will always advice customers facing different problems due to this specific error code on computers to get Max Utilities, an advanced tool downloaded and installed from VSKSoft. This smart tool will allow PC users to repair such problems with least technical skill.