Methods for fixing code 0x00000000FFFFE00C

Windows 7 blue screen of death

Occasionally after upgrading to Windows 7 from Windows XP, an error code is prompted 0x00000000FFFFE00C. Followed by this string of error codes appear 0xfffff6800030f9e0, 0x0000000000000000, 0x0000000000000000, 0xfffff80002cde1e2.

Try to use driver verifier program in identifying any faulting driver if present. To enable driver verifier click on the start, search box and then type in verifier.exe command. Choose next and then select driver settings. Follow the on-screen instructions to bring in the desired change in the settings of the applications, then restart your machine to bring in the following changes.

BSOD with unmountable_boot_volume

On a Dell Inspiron Windows XP laptop, an error message is appearing. Within this message 0x00000000FFFFE00C code also appears.

Perform a chkdsk scan in your computer. To perform this scan, you need to open the elevated command prompt. Press the windows key and R key simultaneously, then in the search window type in the command of chkdsk/ scan now. To finish the task run this command and then restart your machine to bring the changes into effect.

Microsoft Office subscription failed

Microsoft 365 Outlook application has failed to work in Windows 7. The error statement appears claiming that subscription licensing exception has incurred. The faulting application name is outlook.exe, and the time stamp is 0x51e66457.

To eradicate this shortcoming repair Office 365 program. Navigate to control panel application and then choose the online repair option. Once the repair is done reboot your machine. Then you open Microsoft Outlook and then check if that opens fine.

Windows Update encounters an error

Windows 7 64 bits service pack 1 have been successfully downloaded. Just after the download on opening an Adobe program, an error notification emerges. This claims that 0x00000000FFFFE00C is the exit code of the application.

To eliminate this defect, you may try to follow the different steps mentioned in this forum. Click on the start menu and then click run. If you don't see run in the start menu then start the search box and then type in the desired command. Run the Windows Update feature again.

All the issues mentioned in this forum are manifold ones arising out of corrupted code 0x00000000FFFFE00C. if you are also encountering similar codes while operating on various programs on your PC then try running the troubleshooting application to eradicate this error.