The best way to resolve 0x5f

The computer may run into many issues while running. Some of the types of issues have been discussed as follows.

The issue of blue screen:

The most common issue that you might face while using a computer is the issue of the blue screen. You might see that the system has crashed along with an error message on a blue screen for some amount of time. This issue can occur even on a new system. You might experience blue screen of death at different times. You might experience this issue of the blue screen while copying documents from external hard disc to the C: drive. The message shown by the system might show 'system thread exception not handled'. This issue may have been caused by the module ntkrnlmp.exe. The error code shown by the message is 0x5f and the exception code is c0000005. A problem in the RAM may also be the cause of this issue.

You might also encounter the issue of blue screen after you have upgraded the operating system. You may have upgraded from Windows 7 Pro to Windows 10 Pro. The blue screen might appear after you have upgraded. The system might show you the issue of blue screen very often. The bug check string is 0xc2_7 along with the code 0x5f. The module name shown by the event viewer is ntkrpapmp.exe. You can access the event viewer from the start menu of the system.

Issues after upgrading operating system:

You might want to upgrade your operating system to Windows 8.1. However, after an upgrade you can see some issues in the network connection. You might see that the network connection is dropping continuously. To solve the issue, you can reboot the system. But the problem will not solve rather you might see that the reboot has resulted in a Blue screen of death along with the 'driver power state failure' error. It might also show you the error code 0x5f. You can try to solve this issue by updating the network drivers. The antivirus or firewall software may have been causing the issues in your computer system.

The crash of explorer.exe:

While using windows 8.1 Professional operating system you can face some issues with the crash of explorer.exe. The application might seem to crash if you conduct a series of steps. The application can also crash if you open some directories in the File Explorer. To solve the issue, you can try to clean re-install of the Windows 8.1. By using the Windows Media Creator. However, the problem might persist. This issue may have been caused by shell32.dll. The error code shown at the time of the crash is 0x5f.

Issues in using Microsoft Office Outlook:

Sometimes you may also encounter issues in sending emails using the Microsoft Office Outlook 2013 application. You might get an error message along with the code 0x5f while trying to send an email. To solve this issue, you can try to remove and re-add the account in the application and try again. The issue might persist.

Solving the issues:

To solve all the issues, you must use a fix tool. This tool can be easily downloaded and used to clean the registry.