Remove 0xc9 error from the system successfully

Blue Screen of Death is the incident where the screen of the monitor turns blue. The blue screen will also display an error message with a code. Blue screen of death (BSOD) can take place due to some fatal system error. This BSOD can take place at any time and it may not be possible for you to ascertain the exact reason behind the occurrence of blue screen. Such BSOD can show 0xc9 error aerror. It may also show when you are using Movie maker. These incidents are discussed as follows.

Error message Driver_ verifier_ io manager_ violation with BSOD:

You may see the occurrence of blue screen of death along with the code 0xc9 error while using a DVD. You may have inserted the original ASUS DVD that contains the drivers for the motherboard. However, on inserting the DVD the issue may show up. This issue may take place all of a sudden. It may happen suddenly. The issue may also show that the BSOD has been caused by the module ntkrnlmp.exe. Such type of issue can be because of corruption within the system.

Issues with Windows Movie maker:

While trying to use the application Movie Maker, you may encounter an error. The error may show up while you are trying to open an .avi video file. You may have opened the same video file on other applications, but while trying to open it on Movie Maker, it may show the error code 0xc9. The error message may also state that the file might be corrupted or the format may not be recognised by the application. You may try to update the application and see if the issue is resolved. Since there are different versions of the applications, the same video file that opened in 2011 version may not open in 2012 version.

The best error removing method:

The above issues as discussed in this write up can be easily dealt by using a 0xc9 error fixing tool.