Method to rectify error 0xc00034 easily

The errors are very common events which happen while running a computer. These errors can be very annoying and persistent and at times can cause a huge amount of damage to the device. An error like 0xc00034 makes the computer slow, non-responsive and makes it difficult for the computer to complete the set of assigned tasks. Here are some instances where the user faced issues due to the given error:

Error after Hibernation:

Sometimes the computer runs into errors after coming back from the Hibernation Mode. A Windows 8 user named Nathan Sullivan had recently made his Dell Inspiron laptop to go into hibernation mode. After he turned on his computer again, the system faced some issues and went into BSOD with the error 0xc00034 and a message that the Boot Configuration Data file had lost some important information and Nathan needed to run the recovery tools to salvage that information. He tried to run the Automatic Repairs for Windows 8 but that could not solve the issue.

Error in loading Skype:

The application like Skype may sometimes face issues and can become non-responsive due to different reasons. One user names Sam Haden faced such issues with the application. Every time he tried to open Skype on his computer, it could take a long time to load. After sometimes the application would close automatically and on the computer screen, a message would flash telling Sam that currently, the application was unable to open. The issue was quite annoying and he did not know how to correct the error.

The remedy for error:

To correct the issues on the above-mentioned error code, the given users can try the efficient error 0xc00034 repairing tool. This application cleans and corrects the errors from the core of the computer and makes the device error-free again. This is a reliable application and can boost the computer's speed during start-up by disabling the unwanted programs that run in the background. This tool is the answer to all errors present on the computer.