Error 0x0800ccc0d and Methods to solve it

The error 0x0800ccc0d can cause a lot of trouble for the users. This error makes the computer slow, unresponsive and bad performing. The various application installed in the system cannot run accordingly and make it difficult for the user to work with them. Here are some of the instances where this error has caused various troubles for the user:

1. Errors in receiving Yahoo Mails on Windows Live Mail:

Sometimes the computer system is unable to send or receive emails from Yahoo on the Windows Live Mail email client. A user named Daniel James is unable to send or receive emails from his Yahoo email account on Windows Live Mail application. His computer would prompt error 0x0800ccc0d every time he tried to communicate with someone via email. To fix the situation he had deleted and then recreated his email account several times. But that did not help him in resolving the error.

2. Computer is running slow after an update:

An update for Windows can sometimes make the computer slow. Recently, Dean Corrie from Melbourne had installed few updates for his Windows 7 operating system. After the updates were installed, the computer became very slow and later crashed with error 0x0800ccc0d. Dean tried to resolve the issue by clearing the Temp Files and removing unnecessary programs which run in the background of the computer system. But nothing could speed up the computer.

The solution for error:

To solve the problem of the given error the above-mentioned users can use error 0x0800ccc0d fixer. This tool removes the error in no time and makes the computer up and running. Also, it solves the speed related issues on the computer. Thus, this error fixer can not only get rid of the errors but also make the computer fast for the benefit of the user.