Fixing 0x00000a BSOD issues in Windows

To fix 0x00000a BSOD issues you must choose an error repair tool.

The occurrence of different types of issues is shown with error code. If some error happens in your computer system then the system will show you an error message along with the code. Errors can occur while installation, while opening an application and even while updating an application. If there is a fatal system error it is known as Blue Screen of Death.

In this error the screen of the computer turns blue along with an error message. This type of error is common and you will see that this occurs while doing other things like restarting Windows as well. If such an error is not solved as soon as possible you may have to lose all the important information stored in your computer.

In Windows 7 operating system:

The occurrence of blue screen of death in Windows 7 operating system is common. It has been observed that 0x00000a BSOD occurs a number of times while using the computer irrespective of what you are doing. You may see that the computer is showing blue screen of death along with the error code mentioned above.

You may also see that the system is hanging multiple number of times without showing any error events. After conducting an upgrade to Windows 7 you can get Blue Screen of Death occasionally. To solve this you may conduct full clean install but it will not solve the issue. The code that you will receive on getting BSOD will state 'irql not less or equal' with stop 0x0000000a (0xfffff6800030f9e0, 0x0000000000000000, 0xfffff80002cde1e2). Issues like this are often the result of corrupted files in Windows. Using Blue Screen View, the file name can be found.

Error after applying update to Windows:

You may want to update the Windows, running on your computer. The installation process of updates through Windows Update, may run smoothly and after you have rebooted the computer everything may seem to be fine. However after you have shut down the system and switched it back on it may come up with a blue screen along with error stop 00000a

In such a situation you may also not be able to start the system in safe mode since Windows will fail to start irrespective of the chosen mode. This may have occurred after you have installed security update like KB298279. The update is can fail to be installed if Windows driver files are corrupted. Often a 0x00000a BSOD is because of win32k. sys crash. Windows fails to load the file as the update may have corrupted it.

Error during start up:

The event of blue screen may appear while you are starting the computer. The error message might show stop code 0x00000a. The issue and the IRQL is high. This may also happen due to a faulty device driver and you will have to use an appropriate tool to free the registry of the damaged file.

The necessary fix:

Since now you know all the types of issues that may occur and result in blue screen of death you must solve them immediately. You will have to choose a good troubleshooting method to resolve such issues. The error code needs to be solved as soon as it appears on your system. You will have to use a 0x00000a BSOD repair tool in order to get rid of the error.